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Site Accessibility Help

Hey, peeps!

I have a client that needs a bunch of accessibility features in their site. Keyboard navigation, high contrast, text size changes.

1 - Has anyone had luck with setting up text size changes and high contrast features on their site? How did you accomplish it?
2 - What is keeping my site from being able to be tabbed through currently? It hits the logo in the top left and that’s it. Any advice?

Here is my public share link:

About the keyboard - when i test this webflow homepage with keyboard (usingtabs) its also Skipping the dropdowns (so maybe this is a BUG with core Dropdown)

See related wishlist with this specific problem:


For more control try to integrate some Third-party libary like this (change color and so on by widget)

Easy to integrate widget (never try this but its look nice):

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