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I’m hosting a competition for which I will need a website where participants can create an account and upload a text file as their submission for the contest. Preferably in a way so that all submissions are easily accessible for the judging process.

Great builders of Webflow, what is the best way to do this? :slight_smile:

I really appreciate any help you can provide!


The most complicated piece here is actually the upload-file part, since it restricts your ability to use tools like Logic.

You’ll also need to decide on some key design aspects and business logic rules, like-

  • Can the user submit only once? If so how do we enforce that?
  • Can they update their submission?
  • What happens if they submit a second time?
  • What is the function of the user account?

If you’re just after the submission itself, the easiest way by far is to avoid accounts, and simply drop a submission form on your site, probably using a 3rd party tool like Jotform. In that way you get a tidy collection of the data, and can easily support file-upload submissions.

I typically automate off of that using a tool like Zapier or Make, to log results into something like AirTable for convenience.

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Welcome @douglas :wave:

With what you’ve mentioned a good option is to use the native Webflow file uploader. You can make those files private to only those who have access to the Webflow account. Then either add judges as account collaborators or export those files for judging.

I’m assuming you don’t mean a full blown user account with password access, yes?

If so, you can collect participant information in the same native Webflow form you ask for a file upload. All of that info will be collected and viewable in Webflow.

If I’ve got that wrong, detail more requirements of your needs and I can outline a solution for you.

Good luck!

Thanks Michael! I will try that out

Thanks Chris! No I will not need a full blown account. It’s more for statistics of the number of participants, but I guess a form would work. My only worry is the limitation of 1000 form submissions