User-to-User Direct Messaging w/ CMS (Like Facebook Messenger)

I am looking to integrate a user to user messaging within my project (not like Intercom). Given Webflow’s ability for dynamic code embeds and the Firebase tutorial by @jasondark I was thinking this could be possible with a little custom coding magic.

In an example let’s say I have a real estate website. I would like to have someone browsing properties on the site to be able to click a button and talk to the specific agent for that property. Each property would have a unique agent that represents that property and be able to uniquely chat with them on the platform.

I have found a resource called Talk.js that I am trying to integrate but have reached the extent of my coding knowledge to make this work. I believe with the success of the Auth tutorial by @jasondark then this also must be possible in Webflow.

I made a quick sample real estate site so you can people can see what I am talking about:

Would love to see if others are interested in having this capability on their site and if we could work for a solution! :slight_smile:

I personally love seeing how we can push the Webflow platform to the limits to see creative ways we can use the platform. Any help/discussion/comments are much appreciated!

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Hi @dynamo, I think this is totally possible with a combination of firebase and using fields from CMS in your firebase code embedded to the cms detail pages.

You can also use collection fields in custom code in the Head or Before Body section of custom code on the collection template pages, i.e. the page that is opened when a user clicks on a property link.

See more here about adding code to the Head or Before Body:

I hope this helps to give you some ideas.

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Thanks for the awesome input @cyberdave! I will keep messing around with it and will post back with any progress.

Is there any update?
I am also in search of something similar to user to user messaging

Hi @dynamo, that looks neat ! I’m trying to replicate this integration but your read-only link is 404. Could you re-share here ?

Thanks !

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I’m also looking for similar functionality @dynamo