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Webflow CMS + Firebase Integration question

Hey all,

My goal with Webflow is to build the front-end website and use firebase from Google to handle authentication, real-time database, storage of assets. The only part I’m not 100% sure about is I’m curious if Webflow CMS allows me to create a template for user profile/dashboard so the CMS will have all the same fields but unique fields will have specific information about the user signed-in. I’m thinking the user base can scale in x number lets say 500 or 10,000 or maybe 30,000. I want to know if going the route in creating a Webflow CMS is designed to allow users to login, firebase handles all the unique data about the user profile and updates CMS fields with the related data? How will this counts toward the CMS plan like is each user profile consider as a CMS static page or CMS item?

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Items in collections, including unpublished.

If you are thinking of accounts and membership, best route is to export.

What’s the easier route here, I’m creating something like Facebook, Linkedin > user signs-up for an account then signs into their profile page and they can change some info. I’m debating between JavaScript Framework or CMS to accomplish the task. I believe with framework I can create one page and the MVC model when a user authenticates, Firebase will load the specific user information. As for Webflow CMS I believe I can probably accomplish the same task where I define all the fields and when the user signs in and related user data is pulled in from firebase via those fields. The CMS seems a lot more complicated. It’s likely going in the route of what you said export method: build the design in webflow > export code > use something like angular or react for the specific html template fields that updates the user profile info via firebase.

This is the only solution if you plan to support user accounts (registration & membership)

See my exported and Wordpress converted examples here:

A little late, but might help other users:
This should be possible using the webflow cms api and some custom client & server side code. You could require firebase authentication, and only on successful login load the additional cms fields you want to show via wf cms api.