User personalization experience

Greetings to you

I want to have some tools and features that my website visitors can find persolized to them. As I read previous topic on user log-in feature, is there another way to personalize user experience based on the data they input and track their progress with progress report etc?



Hi @Ali, thanks for your question. At the moment, we do not have built in personalization widgets, but that is a great idea. You will start to see more features that support activity like this in future updates. We do not have an ETA yet, but keep tuned for more info.

If you want to implement something like this right away, some custom javascript solution is needed to make this kind of functionality on the site. One possible avenue would be to use custom javascript and hook to a service like, which let you store data input from your site visitors, enable social logins etc. Firebase is a development platform though, they do not have ready made widgets, you have to build the functionality and be familiar with jQuery.

Maybe some of our other forum members have some ideas :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave