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User membership/authentication across Webflow and webapp?

Hi everyone,

I’m familiar with the use of Memberstack for user subscription and management in Webflow, but I’m wondering if anyone used Memberstack across Webflow and a webapp (React or other) such that subscriptions/payments are managed via Webflow, and active accounts have access in the app.

If not, any other suggestions please? I also wonder if Webflow’s own upcoming Membership feature will allow this (and if it’s worth waiting for).

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

Following up on this topic - we’ve investigated Memberstack and other solutions, and honestly the transaction fees are too high considering all we want is to have users pay/subscribe for a service, and then have access to a portal to download invoices and upgrade/downgrade/cancel subscription. We have no need for any of the other features (gated content, etc.)

Any thoughts on a cost-effective way for adding subscription service and member accounts in a direct manner, without paying transaction fees (on top of what Stripe requires)?

Laravel would be my first choice.