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Trouble deleting collections

I can’t delete a collection because of bindings… no idea where those binding are. I’ve deleted all that I can find.

=> “Courses”


Here is my public share link:

You have a courses collection list in your styleguide.

I deleted that and it still isn’t working.

Hmm okay, I don’t see any more instances. You might have to email support to request a hard refresh on your project now.

I think I’m done with Webflow… :confused:

@cjroe removing collections can definitely be challenged getting rid of each of the bindings.

I see that you’re still using the “Courses” collection in a few symbols which is causing the issues:

After deleting that Symbol I could delete the majority of the fields in the collection until I saw these 3 were still bound:

I then went and deleted all of your symbols with zero instances except for one of them (Organism/ Team photo) and pressed CMS + S for a force Save:

Thereafter I was able to delete your “Courses” collection.

​Please let me know if this is helpful, or if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help further.

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I spent the past hour deleting random symbols that had 0 instances, deleted all the instances I could find for the collections and was able to delete a few… then I accidentally deleted the homepage. I had to go through the previous versions, restore the site, delete the collections again… now I can’t find the Events bindings, so I can’t delete the Events collection.

Any ideas on the remaining items for an Events collection @waldo?

@cjroe I made a fresh duplicate of your site and noticed the following things:

  • On the home page, under the notifications container element in the navigator, you had a Collection list bound to your “events” collection so I deleted that

  • There were still many Symbols without any instances so I deleted all of those
  • Then I could delete the Events collection
    Here’s a GIF showing those last two steps after having deleted your Symbols with zero instances:

We’re working on an update to make the process of removing collections much smoother and easier, thanks for bearing with us :bowing_man:

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Fixed. It turns out the binding was hidden in a deeply nested element within a symbol. (Tricky to find)

I’ve deleted that binding and the collection was deleted. Hopefully this is an use case for improving binding deletion… As a matter of fact, here’s one approach.

  • [Client - Click Delete on a Collection] =>
    • [Internal - Webflow recursively crawls the site and finds all bindings] =>
      • [Client - Prompt that shows a list of all internal bindings, organized and grouped by template] =>
      • [Client - Prompt asks would you like to deleted these bindings?] =>
        • [Client (A) - User views what they are deleting and confirms the collection deletion] =>
        • [Client (B) - User views what they are deleting and re-assigns the bindings to a new collection] =>
        • [Client © - User views what they are deleting and cancels the deletion] =>
          • [Internal - Webflow responds to user action and deletes/modifies the bindings/collection] =>
            • [Client - User re-gains control of collection and bindings within a matter of seconds].
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