Use New Webflow Font WF Visual Sans


Does anyone know if I can use the new Webflow font on my site? WF Visual Sans.

Where can I get it from, not seen it on adobe or google fonts.

I love it, it’s super clean.


Thanks Jim, but I tried this before. It’s not the right one.

Yeah, I got ya. I tried to find it too. Seems like they’ve created it and use it only by on their own :confused:
I can only say you can try “Gilroy”. Of course it’s not the same, but it’s kinda similar to this font.

send me your email, I know where to find it :smiley:

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At WF Conf Chicago I asked the CTO if it was internal only, or if they’d make it publicly available/put it in the designer as the “system-ui” or just a web-font option with stylistic set control and such.

First, he was shocked it wasn’t already in there. Then he told me:

“It’s in the plans to make it available, I just don’t know if it’s in licensing and legal development right now. I’ll look into it, and try to make it available for everyone soon.”

I die inside every time I open the designer and it’s not there.


Can I send you my email also?

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its an awesome font. A family of 5.