Use inherit color in rich text links

I think this is why things like Webflow Rich Text - Multiple content styles in CMS exist, but just double checking…

When using Rich Text blocks, is it possible to set only certain styles (such as text decoration) but not set other items such as color, and let color be inherit? Use case:

  • Paragraph text and heading text are different colors (gray and red, respectively)
  • Styling the rich text block links using the nested selector is great, but it effects all links within a rich text. Which means…
  • User wants to add a link to an h3/h4/etc. element and they want it to stay red. That link is now the color of the paragraph text (gray) because of the previous bullet. The user would, understandably, prefer to either 1) define links per HTML tag, or 2) just use inherit styles unless specifically overwritten via Webflow.

What’s doable/not doable here?