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Use buttons to switch content of page

Is there a way to make content the content of the page switch with a list of buttons and without loading a new page?

You can see what I tried doing with the show/hide function but it doesn’t seem to work because they titles keep adding on top of each other.

Is there a way to do this?


Maybe the Tabs Element could help you achieve that?

I recommend going through the tutorials in the help center.

Hi @jorn and @samliew

Thanks for responding! I looked through the tutorials and at the tab section but I don’t think there is enough styling freedom to get the tabs down on the left side of the content like on my site.

While looking on the site the list on the left is intended to be the navigation.

**EDIT: Found what I was looking for in the tabs. Thank you so much guys, didn’t realize you could add classes to the tab menu

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Glad you found out. You style it oretuscherade much as you like. Good luck.

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