Button functions

I am trying and wondering if there is a way to where i can set up a series of buttons that when they are clicked a different image/text pops up in the same area.
its on the homepage of this project in the services section. Thanks.

Also i have applied a footer to my homepage, when i hit toggle preview its visible but when i goto the actual URL in my browser it isnt.


That’s an accurate description of what a TAB component is. You can move the tab bar where you want, below or on the side of the tab content element, for instance. Make the tab items look like buttons, put your image in tab content etc…

Thanks a lot!! I was thinking of doing that but didnt know if there was a way to place the tabs vertically like the buttons I have. Still learning webflow so im gonna have to find out how to make the tabs look more like buttons.

Something like this? There’s an infinity of styling possibilities.

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