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Usability issues with page management

My project requires me to publish a significant number of unique pages - approximately 45 unique pages. The pages are organized in folders. Following my client’s feedback, I now have to change some of the page’s order and duplicate some of the pages and move them in other subdirectories. Before doing so I need to display the pages I’m about to move or duplicate.

Page Panel persistence
The page panel isn’t persistent. It behaves like a drop-down menu. This means each time I need to open the Page panel see the page then to open the Page panel again and scroll to find the page again.

I wish the Page panel could remain open similarly to the Navigator can. In fact, the Pages directory should be a side menu like the Navigator.

Pages directory with Auto scroll
When moving a page across to the bottom of the directory - below the viewport - the directory doesn’t automatically scroll. Consequently, I need to drop the page at the bottom of the visible part of the directory, scroll and then move the page again. Each step introduces possible errors.

I wish the directory will scroll up when I’m moving a page or a directory downward.