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Usability issues with Pages panel and overall page management

The pages side panel’s UI (shortcut “p”) is rather unpractical for managing folders, dozen of pages and page duplications.

Here are the issues I noticed:

Page panel’s UI:

  • The page’s name (left side of top bar) is very narrow (16 characters + ellipses) and prevents to identify with precision pages with long names and suffixes. This has been particularly frustrating when managing links between pages with similar names as I couldn’t quickly verify which page I was on.
  • the page’s panel is relatively narrow and prevents to read easily longer page names. It can’t be resized like the navigator panel.
  • the menu doesn’t have an option to be kept in a fixed position and remain on the side of the page. This would be useful when working with folder/page hierarchy.

Folder Management

  • A folder in the page directory can’t be moved. Drag-to-reorder doesn’t work with folders.
  • If a folder is dropped inside in another folder it can’t be placed back at pages’ directory’s top level.
  • Folders can’t be sorted, they appear in creation order.
  • A folder and its content can’t be duplicated, only unique pages can be duplicated.

Linking pages

  • Assigning a page to a link quickly becomes complicated when the project features many folders and many pages in each. A simple dropdown doesn’t cope well with more than a dozen options. In my opinion, the linking menu should be able to show the pages’ directory.