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URL isn’t correct when hovering over the link

Hi, I can´t find anything related to this in the existing discussion. Also, I´m very new to design and to webflow both, so I could just be missing something…

In this screenshot, you can see the intended external link for the About navbar button:

In this screenshot, in which I am hovering over the button, you can see that the URL link (bottom left corner) is fronted by the webflow page information:

This is not really a big deal, other than that it means the link doesn´t work, it just opens a new tab (intended) with my same Home page (unintended).

Here is a read only link to my design page:

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Hi @calebzilmer!

For fix this issue just delete “#” symbol which is right before external link :wink:

Hope it helps.
Good luck,


Thanks @sabanna, that worked! I figured it was a simple fix. I thought I had tried that before and gotten nowhere, but now that I think about it I don’t think I refreshed the live page first…

Thanks again!

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Glad I was able to help :blush:


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