URGENT - Google Retargeting Pixel


Webflow won’t accept the html snippet/tag Google gives me. Webflow doesn’t recognise some of the tags used, like no script and I can’t just save anyway as the “Save” button is unavailabe. Please can you help asap??


Are you working with Webflow CMS?
If not, why don’t you simply modify your page after exporting from Webflow by inserting an include (php for exemple).
Your included file will contain the Remarking pixel and your are done.

I use web flow everyday to build page and then i finish the work in a work editor to insert all my code from my custom cms for exemple and also some other useful tag for SEO.

Hope it will helps.

Hi @Daniel_Kempe, you should be able to save the google code without the noscript tag. Could you try that?

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