Google Code for Remarketing Tag

Hey all,

Just thought id ask, for all webflow users using google remarketing…

If I want to tag every page with my code… for remarketing can I do this just by adding the code to the header tag on my dashboard?

Or … any thoughts on this?


Google remarketing code must appear on all pages just before the </body> tag. It’s a common requirement for a lot of code snippets so the option exist in Webflow. So paste your code in the second field of the custom code area in the dashboard:

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Failed to add the default Google Remarketing Tag in the custom code in dashboard.
Simply can’t save the changes because of “unexpected error”

Please see the attached screenshot

Any workaround? Thanks!

I am having the same issue. I had no issue implementing Analytics codes. Has anyone found a solution?

The error refers to things in… comments. Remove all the comments.

Hi @vincent, thank you for your help!

Unfortunately for me, the errors were not isolated to the comments. The following two errors were present for the div which contains a hidden image.

Line 35 column 10: Unexpected start tag token (div) in the frameset phase. Ignored.
Line 38 column 10: Unexpected end tag (noscript). Ignored.

Did some research about noscript but didn’t find anything relevant.

@cyberdave any idea?

Hello, for me, I added a “embed” element and put the remarketing code into it. Make the “embed” as symbol and add the symbol to every page’s footer as a workaround.

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Hey Team! I am looking to insert a remarketing code in the custom Code area before the /body tag. I am copying the tag directly from Google, but Webflow is throwing up errors. Any ideas?

Errors are said to be ignored… How does it work if you publish it anyway? How is the exported code?

the only way I could publish it is if I hit enter into the header code box. Seems to be working ok.

Hi, @shedlightphotography, the noscript tag is not allowed, but you can use a document.writeln function to put that noscript tag in the Before Body section of the Custom Code page.

Here is an example:

document.writeln("<div style=\"display:inline;\">");
document.writeln("<img height=\"1\" width=\"1\" style=\"border-style:none;\" alt=\"\" src=\"//\"/>");

Cheers, Dave


i had the same problem… think it is solved now! Many Thanks… @cyberdave from a NO CODE MAN!

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