Urgent: Form fields not clickable on client site

Hello Everyone,

I’m desperately trying to get my first commission site to work but running into major issues. I have built and re-built it many times and am at my wit’s end, please help! The form fields on my fill-in-the-blanks style form are not clickable in preview or published mode no matter if I rename the classes, change the project settings, and follow the webflow university classes to a t. I’ve searched the forums and tried out suggestions to similar issues, but nothing seems to work. I’m hoping and praying someone sees this and can point out the error of my ways.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Clover

Sincere thanks,


Hey @Ananya_Panda1!

Your .header__navigation class is position: fixed with a high z-index, so that element is technically on top of the form and preventing any clicks on the form. I’m not sure the reason for the z-index, but removing the z-index altogether seems to work.