Urgent: Need help with nav not being clickable on portfolio homepage

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working on my portfolio site for a while and want to show it to the world, but I can’t seem to fix a really major issue that hinders with the experience. The central nav element (the portal) is supposed to lead to the work section, but when I hover over it it does not seem clickable except at the extreme top part of it (and also an area to its left that is not part of the portal icon). What can I do differently to avoid this?please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ananya's Beautiful Site

Thank you so much kind stranger, I really appreciate you :slight_smile:

Hi @Ananya_Panda,

while I can’t reproduce your issue, I can see the size of the clickable portal will change according to the grid’s size. You can try to give the image or the link block a min-height to avoid it shrinking.

Hope this helped!