Uploaded font not appearing. Help plz?

Hi everyone! I’m just getting started with Webflow and I’ve had no problem with the custom fonts I’ve uploaded, but this one won’t appear. Big problem: It’s an integral, irreplaceable part of my design. Could anyone tell me why this font might not be working?


Hi @alexr790

make sure you’re uploading all formats: TTF, WOFF, EOFF, SVG

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi PixelGeek! Thanks for the tip, but I’m not quite sure I understand. What if I only have a TTF version?

You can convert fonts using an online converter

Dope. Do I only upload one, or do I throw all of them in there as different items?

Upload each format you have, but keep the name the same.

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It worked! Thank you! (My eyes somehow completely missed the piece of text saying that right next to my font collection, too.)

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