Upload JSON file "apple-app-site-association"

Yes, it’s very frustrating! If you have found a solution, I’d be happy to hear it.

Good morning all! I have a similar issue @Kapil_Kumar. Any solutions in the making?



Maybe we should ask @thesergie directly :slight_smile: Because it seems such an easy addition.

There’s no way we can have a feature we can upload or configure apple-app-site-association and Webflow will put it under .well-known/?

Hi just want to follow up if any update?

Sadly no! I even went as far as to going on LinkedIn and finding a product owner that works for webflow to shed some light on this,… I guess it should be proposed on their feature list,… then get a lot of people to vote on it.

This is super silly that they dont support! Come on webflow, do something about this! There is some relation to this wishlist, as it is a static, and we want to choose how to load that static: Clean asset links: Host assets on a site's Custom | Webflow Wishlist

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+1 , this should be a standard feature.

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Can someone word it better than I did in the suggestion list?

@hassieb, @vongohren, @Ava ?

@Naos probably call it a way to just upload json files under well known. But I do think there is a wish thing for that if you dig a bit more

We are launching LAAS.me with a product and app and we really need this. Been working on the site for monts now and its finally ready. NOW we can’s use Webflow - any suggestions?

@Thomas_Andersen The only one that I know about is to export your site and self host.

Well im using CMS and webshop solution - that I can’t export :frowning:

As I was checking out if WIX could do it I stumbled upon this article. (WIX recently reached out to see if I wanted to check out their new editor which is just like WebFlow apparently, haven’t checked it out yet.)

That is a viable workaround. Good find.

I agree with @webdev exporting would be the best approach but if you are already invested in Webflow hosted features then the only other option I can think of is a proxy server. That option comes with its own set of trade offs.

We thought about having the main site on a subdomain like “shop.laas.me” with a forward. Anyone tried that solution?

Just to be sure,… the link to the article I posted works for Webflow too!
So you can host in Webflow and serve the AASA

@Naos I didn’t see that link previously, that is an interesting solution. So its the proxy server method with the only caveat being you need to manage DNS from Cloudflare for this solution.

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Same issue for other .well-known resources e.g. /.well-known/security.txt (see security.txt - Wikipedia). See Well-Known URIs for a complete list – not sure how many of these work with Webflow.

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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 22:02:28 GMT
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