Update CMS via CSV Import Not Working Correctly

I have a large schedule that I uploaded to my CMS via CSV file. When I first imported it, I ran into no issues with date formats or the CMS not recognizing certain fields.

This is what the original spreadsheet looked like:

I have a bunch of updates I need to do and it’s easier if it’s done to the original sheet an re-uploaded using Webflow’s new feature that updates existing CMS items on import.

I exported the CMS from webflow and edited it in sheets. Now when I try to re-upload, it won’t recognize the date field and my Home/Away field ("@" or “vs”).

This is the format of the spreadsheet… I edited the date format from what Webflow originally exported (ex. Thu May 26, 2022 14:00:00 GMT+0000 (Universal Coordinated Time).

A couple of questions:
• Why did none of these issues exist in my original upload?
• Why do they exist now?
• How do I fix it?
• Why does Webflow export a date format that it can’t read upon import?

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My guess is that the spreadsheet app you are using has changed the format of the date field.

You might want to try PowerImporter’s CSV update. It supports many more date formats than the exported format that Webflow generates. And, if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll have a detailed log where you can debug the situation and compare the values side-by-side. Worth a try.

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Thanks for the recommendation. It shouldn’t be necessary to pay (in my scenario I have 300+ CMS items) for something that Webflow says it does natively. It doesn’t make sense that it would work the first time with no issue and also not recognize the date format that it exports.