Date import for CMS not working (CSV)


I have a csv, the format for the date follows all the guidelines yet it refuses to let me add it to any date type fields. I have 46 blog posts which i need to import and have their original publish dates. :confused:

I have checked all the help docs so am a little lost.

I can assign the other fields ok.



cells formatted to:

OMG, I figured it out. You have to switch it to American format :smiley: haha

In future i’d love support for english date formats


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To ISO format :slight_smile: Which isn’t american as USA uses AM/PM dates.

Any format from here :

But in that form : YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD

The ZD is for timezone so if you have set your site as GMT+1 (= UTC+1) for ex, you’ll finish your date like this :


Wjhat happens is Webfow is going to ingest your date and convert it to UTC. Then it will convert the UTC stored date into your site date, using your timezone setting. Then in the Designer, in the CMS database and on publish, it will display the computed date in the american AM/PM format.

Edit: if you need another format I made this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the more detailed reply @vincent - that’s good to know re time setting!

Fortunately our blog will just be by day rather than time.

I got it to import simply with this format in the cells:


as this didn’t work:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

With the slashes? I’m really glad that it worked but I’m surprised it did :smiley:

Yep, uploaded the csv exactly like in that pic. :slight_smile:

Haha I’m glad too!

Can you screenshot how it is in the CMS database now? Wht time did it add to the date? The time of import?

Because when manually entering a date in the CMS, you’re not allowed not to add a time.

Hey @vincent

It has added 12:00 am to them all

but I didn’t need a time with the csv import

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Thanks, it’s just for satisfying my curiosity :slight_smile:

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Curiosity killed the cat, so be careful buddy!

But happy to help anytime :slight_smile:


hey again dude. On a slight separate issue:

Why is it showing august on the block but November (correct) in sidepanel? If i go into the article it shows correctly nov 22nd but randomly august here :frowning:

Both pull data from same place but either way, its showing one thing on sidepanel and diff in editor/live on site

November 22nd is today. Often, when displaying example of dates and time, Webflow is using the actual date and time.

Fooled by a coincidence! I feel very stupid and will now delete my account


It happened to me more than once! Sometimes I"m working with data that are indeed today, and… I’m like WTF is the time not correct! :smiley:

Let’s classify this one in “Happens to all of us”

Haha sounds good to me!

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Thanks for the info on the appropriate Date format M-D-Y (not so natural for non-american users)

I’ve seen something quite weird happen when wanting to import my CSV data :
Webflow seems to remove a day to all dates… which is quite surprising…
Any idea why ?

If it’s a timestamp thing, I unfortunately can’t provide the UTC time for publishing date… which means I’ll probably have to accept the fact that my 799 article publishing dates will be 1 day wrong :disappointed_relieved:

If you have any suggestions I’ll be glad to try them out :slight_smile:

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wow i have exactly the same issue as you but no solutions just yet :frowning: