Update button href according to selected options

Hi guys,

I’m pretty sure what i’m trying to do requires some custom code, though I hope somebody could help me out.

I’m currently trying to set up a pricing plan where the option buttons will update a href inside a button based on what has been selected. I tried using a CMS text block that would change the url when a specific price was displayed, though I can’t seem to get anything working (I’m absolutely awful with js or any sort of coding for that matter)

I’ll be willing to pay someone to write some code and solve this problem for me!

Here’s what I’ve been playing around with:


Hello there,
Hope you’re doing good.

I can help with your requirement.

PM sent, pls check,


Hi Connor,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,