Unwanted side scrollbar


I started working on webflow 1-2 weks ago.

I have a problem right now where there is a side scrollbar in my front page and any other page i create.

It is not visible in the desingner tool and neither in the preview mode in fullscreen, only on live.

I have chrome.





Any scrollbars on my side. Tried Chrome and Firefox.

here it is…

I’m also unable to duplicate the issue. :confused: The only help I can really offer without being able to experience the bug myself, is that I usually start by looking in the Chrome dev tools (right-click, Inspect) to see if anything jumps out at me.

Owww, this scrollbar appear only on your computer and only after opening site in CMS editing mode.
Will let you know if we will find the way to remove/disable it.


I never used or login into the cms mode… and if you look now my menu is scroling with it, i dont find anyway to remove it.

I can confirm one more time, I am not experiencing any scrollbars on your site.
Still looking for the way to help you.

Hey @Guillaume_Clement, could you try to clean browser data in Chrome browser settings?


It worked, thanks.

Now on the next problems! :stuck_out_tongue:

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