Unwanted horizontal scroll - Help me

Hello, today I was working on my website and suddenly, a white horizontal space appeared.
I have seen several videos as the official Webflow (VIDEO) but I have not managed to solve it, someone with experience can help me?
Thank you very much in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Javier_Martinez !

Your component “wave 3” is the problem, it’s placed in the “Home 3 Problem Section” which is not positioned in relative so “wave 3” is placed in absolute in relation to the body and not in relation to “Home 3 Problem Section”.
So to solve your problem, add a relative position to the “Home 3 Problem Section” or place “wave 3” in the “Home 2 Hero Section” if you want “wave 3” to be placed in the hero section of your page.

Have a nice day !