Help with horizontal scroll space on website

Hi Everyone,

I bought this template for my Portfolio in the marketplace and it came with this weird bug that I have not been able to figure out, hence I’m here to get your expert input. I have recorded a video showing the behavior (link below), in short I have a horizontal white space on the whole website, pretty standard, right? When inspecting the website I noticed the problem goes away when I scroll down or hover a specific section of the site. Maybe one of you can help me pinpoint the culprit, cause I couldn’t. A note that may be of help, even though I recorded the problem on mobile device view, the problem is also present on desktop size as well, just wanted to clarify this, it’s only easier to see and illustrate in mobile device size.

Here’s the video for reference: MyPortfolio_Recording.mp4 - Google Drive

I appreciate any help you can provide,

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Andres' Porta)
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Did you find a solution? I’m not seeing this extra space today.

Hi, no I did not, but I noticed contrary to my original statement, it’s only happening on tablet and mobile. But you are right, I double-checked the Read-Only link and I was not able to replicate the problem but on my original site on the browser and mobile, I can still see it. Would you mind checking it here:,


hi @Anderstone your issue is related to your “skew” animation. Just set overflow: hidden on your collection list or wrapper or…

Hi Stan, this is a humbling experience, it worked and it is so simple!! Thank you for taking the time to look at it and help me out, it was driving me crazy. Thanks again!