Unknown reason for Horizontal scroll

I have been searching for hours trying to find out what is the cause of a horizontal scroll on the preview of this site. Curious if i could get another set of eyes.


I’m not seeing any issues in the Designer or on the published staging domain — did you happen to resolve the issue?

I didn’t fix it. Still having the issue.

Can you point me in the direction of the issue? Maybe it’s on another page?

It’s on the home page. Image below.

If it helps - I published it. Strategies.webflow.io

Very interesting findings….

So if I load in mobile the page has a horizontal scroll till I get to section “what clients are saying” then scroll goes away. When I go all the way back up to when it was allowing horizontal scroll, it’s now gone.

So confused.

The issue is caused by one of the elements that are being animated on scroll — basically it bleeds out to the right side of your container, but that container doesn’t have overflow: hidden as a style.

I’m pretty busy this morning so I’m not able to take a closer look into the specific container in question, but if you make sure that all of your sections with animated elements have overflow: hidden then it should fix the issue :+1:

Yeah that worked. Easy fix. Thanks Mike.