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Uneven Collection Grid Item Sizes

I’m putting together a page with guests in a collection grid. I cannot seem to figure out why one guest’s image is growing way larger than the other one in the grid. I’ve been messing with all of the different settings I can think of but I can’t seem to figure out why this one image is larger. I’m using the same template to create these images, I’ve even saved the image again and uploaded it but it seems to only be doing it to this image. Am I missing something?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I’m looking at your site now, it seems as though both images are the same size. Were you able to fix the issue?

Nope. Not on my end. I’m on Windows 64 / Chrome browser and it’s still HUMONGOUS when I view it even after clearing the cache but the preview in Webflow looks normal.

That’s a really interesting issue. Is it in preview mode that this occurs? Or on the published site as well?

Have you tried restarting your computer? I know it’s a cliché thing to say to someone with a computer problem but it might actually help. Another thing to try before that, after Webflow saves your progress (noted by the green check in the upper-right hand corner) reload the page.

I’m sorry, i didn’t post the link to the published site <<

It’s happening on the published site but not in Webflow’s preview.

I have absolutely no idea what was going on but I know it had something to do with the artwork. I tried so many different things (naming the file differently, different images, etc.) For someone reason, the layer that I brought in from Photoshop with one of the guests was causing the image to fill the entire window. I recreated the image in photoshop and cut out the portion of the layer that I needed onto a brand new layer and that fixed it. I don’t even know what the cause is or how to recreate it but there was something going on with the layer that was affecting the png’s overall size on export.