Uneven CMS grid... Not like this before

Hi! I’m having a major issue with uneven grid layout. I was using this template: https://lightfolio.webflow.io/

My link: Webflow - Eunhye's Stupendous Site

and it worked fine with uneven grid… but for some reason, when I checked my home screen today, it’s not showing as it was before… The grid works fine, but it is not uneven grid. Also, when I changed it to phone responsive size, I didn’t changed anything, but it’s not following how the template looks like. It should be one grid at a time, but mine is showing two grid layout even though I didn’t touched anything. Please, please help me solve this issue!

Thank you so much!

Hi again Eunhye,

Grids have fixed rows and columns. What you’re seeing in your published site is not a grid, it’s a simple CSS masonry-style layout created by CSS columns.

If you look at your collection list element you can see that you have both a grid and columns specified. Webflow doesn’t protect you from that because hey, there might be some weird legit edge case where that makes sense.

Here though, you want a block layout with 2 cols, not a grid layout.