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Underline Link Animation

I am not sure if this is a code problem or design problem, but here it is:

At the bottom of my website, there are links in the footer. When you hover over these links in the live site, my code makes it so that an underline is animated. Here is the live site link:

Notice that if you hover over the “Blog” link, all of the links below it do something funny. It kind of looks like they turn bold for a second. If you hover over the link below “Blog”, then all of the links below that do the same thing, but not the link you are hovering over. Check it out to see what I mean. Why do the links below the one you are hovering over seem to flicker bold for a second? Can anyone see what is going on?


Seems to be working normally on my end – using Chrome on Mac.

Hmmm…strange…I wonder if it is my browser…I use Chrome though…