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Unable to use CMS Editor

Hello all.

I’ve just deployed a website I’ve created. However, when I try to bring up the CMS editor by navigating to the CMS editor does not appear at the bottom as expected. I’ve tried this on a number of browsers, even on different computers, and no luck. I’ve even tried to do this in incognito/private modes to see if it was a caching issue. I thought it might be related to the custom code in the project (before /head) so stripped all that out, but that still didn’t solve the issue.

Any ideas as I am completely stumped.


Here is my public share link:

Confirmed bug.

Hi @Dave_Parker

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

This is definitely buggy behavior— I have reported it to the team and we are investigating this now.

I will post back here as soon as I have more information for you.

​Thanks in advance for your patience!

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