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CMS Editor is not rendering as expected

The CMS editor is very buggy… it continues to glitch and not show a clean UI. The screen is not rendering properly.

Hi @cjroe, earlier you posted some javascript errors, which were being caused by the particlejs script. It is possible for custom code to interfere with the cms editor, especially when the custom code you are using has javascript errors.

I would check those first and then check again if any issues in the editor. If there are, then let me know specifically what the issue is in the editor, i.e. the page wont open, the fonts and images are missing, what exactly is the issue, screenshots of the cms editor issues help a lot.

Thanks in advance

No. I’m running this in Incognito mode and I’m getting a ton of errors in the console.

Any idea on this one? It’s blocking me from updating the fields in my collections… @cyberdave

UPDATE! This could be a Chrome issue…


Hi @cjroe, thanks for your updates, I am continuing the check on this. There have not been any other reports of issues, so it might be a browser/pc specific issue.

Do you have a screenshot of how the cms editor “continues to glitch and not show a clean UI. The screen is not rendering properly.” A screenshot would really help.

Also, what kind of internet connection are you on? Are you using any vpn or proxy software?

What is the exact type of computer you are using, make and model and what size is the screen display?

Here is an example modal that gets cut off because of the glitching:

That’s an issue with Chrome rendering. Had the same thing happened to me. I uninstalled Chrome and installed it again making sure no data were preserved.

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