Unable to rename a class (already exists)


I can’t seem to rename a class. It keeps telling me that the name already exists.
How is this possible :melting_face:


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You can search for it in the Style Selectors panel to see where it exists on your site, and failing that you can click the Broom icon to the right of the Style Selectors text to clean up any unused styles.

Hi Caitlin it doesn’t exist it’s just a random sequence of letters, actually I simply can’t rename the class.

That’s weird, maybe try creating a copy of the class you’re trying to rename and then try renaming the copy instead?

Alright, I’ll get on that. How can we determine if a class isn’t being utilized?

I really appreciate all your guidance and assistance.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’d look in the Style Selectors panel like I showed in the screenshot. If you click the Broom icon it will show you a list of unused classes.