Unable to publish due to an ecommerce product

My client was adding new ecommerce items to the site. I’m not sure the process they followed, but it seems they stopped working in the middle of adding a product without adding the necessary fields.

This has caused issues with publishing and getting into the half-added product.
For publishing, an error occurs stating, “[product] does not have a default variant set.” and requires a refresh to be able to attempt publishing again.
In the Designer, when I try to access the product, the Designer crashes and asks to send a crash report.
In the Editor, when I try to access the product, the product info window doesn’t display and I’m unable to click anything else until I refresh.

Not sure if there is a way to delete the product without being able to get into the product information. Any help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Found a way to Delete/Archive a product. From the overall product list, click the ‘Select…’ button and choose the desired product. From there, you can choose various options like ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’. I archived the product and was able to publish the site.
I’m still unable to edit the product. Might have to just delete it and start the product over.

Glad to see that you found a solution! Deleting it and recreating the Product is definitely your best option here, unless you want to restore from a Backup (which is probably not ideal to restore a single product :sweat_smile:)