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Unable to edit white text in Grid when text-element has a background color

Maybe I’m going mad but I can’t edit white text that has been added to a Grid cell. I have a simple text box coloured orange with white text - double clicking the box to edit the text changes the box to white - then I’m unable to see my text.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Can you tell on witch page You can not edit the text?

Its on the CMS template page “Products Template” and is the Product page called ‘Staff Attack System Accessories’. You’ll see the grid there.

Workaround: Place the text element as a child of a new div wrapper, using your background color for the wrapper. Or, highlight the text in the block using your cursor (from right to left) so it is visually selected. The former is a better solution.



Genius, thank you! Opted for the former, works a treat until a real fix appears thanks.

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