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Unable to Change Default Text Color on CMS Template page

Hello Everyone!

Had a question I wanted to ask. I made a CMS site for a non-profit recently and for the part where they can simply “add a project” (via CMS) the primary template page I had laid out has been giving me some issues such as:

1.) When in the Rich Text Field whenever I type in details about the project. It will always default to white color text and being over a white background makes it unseeable. Unless if I highlight it and “quote it” then it will appear. So when you take a look at any of the project pages we have initially launched, they are all in quote form :frowning: How do I change the standard color to the Royal Blue as it should be in the static pages?

2.) When I highlight something in that very same side to add a “Link” to it. It will do some wired justification spacing which I can only undo if I remove the quote.

Here are two screen recordings of each situation. One of them I had to bol/unbold to remove spacing. Really wired stuff.

Here is the project link (read only): Webflow - CDRS

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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