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Unable to Center Button Inside Column or Divider

I have having trouble centering my buttons with a column or a divider. I tried using the center elemt but it just elongates one part of the button.

Here is my public share link: ****
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Hi @ngdesign

Try placing a div block above your button, then style it with a width:100% and text align:center (under the typography panel).

Next, move your button into that div. It should now be centered.

that didnt work :frowning: not sure why
any other ideas?

Make the column a flexbox. Align: Center; Direction: Column

Your share link isn’t working, but instead of adding another div. Just select the div your button is currently in (with class button-divider) and apply the text-align:center style to it.

Or you can do what @Cricitem said :grin:

@Phoxic @Cricitem thank you guys so much!
I made it a flexbox and that worked really well
appreaciate it :smile:


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