Centring buttons in div block with columns


I’m having difficulty aligning my buttons (within a div block) within centre of each of my 3 columns of text.

I’ve tried using the padding but it knocks the other buttons out.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jennifer O’Hara
Your read-only link doesn’t work.
But I think you have to add either a flexbox or grid to get the layout you want. Both of these layout options give you the option to horizontally center some parts of your layout (a flex container is probably what you are after).
Check developer.mozilla.org to see what you want, like: Aligning items in a flex container - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

But remember, there is never a single solution to what you want to accomplish with HTML-CSS. A HTML tag (DIV, PARAGRAPH, CONTAINER, SECTION etc) can have a specific styling that might not or might maybe allow extra CSS styling to get the styling you want.

Webflow :
But please, update your read-only link to a real webflow read-only link so we can all see what is going wrong and give you a tailor-made advise.

do you have a screenshot?