UI demo → video or animation or?

Hi all!

I am new on Webflow and I have a page to built that show very short animation of the UI of the software my company is developing. And I confused on the good way to do it ?
(I check course about background video or Lottie animation but I am not sure if this is the way to do it). So I need advices…

On the web page, as you sroll, the idea is to show a small animation of the software interface with a short explanation.

I first thought of producing animated GIFs (but little colour, heavy size, not very modern.… I told myself that I had to put small optimized (light) videos instead of infinite loop images.… seems to be archaic also

I’m not sure what the best way is to show a small animation (2 or 3 seconds) that is triggered as you scroll.

What is the right way to take it. any idea ?


It would be good if you have an example so the community could see. I think everyone may understand a little better. And you’re read-only link would also be useful. Animations are complex and very hard to grasp without a mockup or storyboard sequence. Try to find another site or animation online to share :slight_smile:

  • G.J.