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Typewriter effect enabled for Weglot translation

Hey guys!
I’m trying to create a typewriter effect that supports translation from Weglot. The same as on this website:

Kevin, from Happy Desk, gave me the custom code, which is in this google doc.

I tried unsuccessfully to implement it, but don’t know exactly where should the code go, and if there’s something missing. Here’s what I tried:


Any ideas on how can I do this?
Thanks in advance!

Give this a try:

  • Go to Pages
  • For the page that you want to have the Typewriter effect, click the Gear icon. Scroll down. Look for “Before tag”. Place the script code in that box. Save.
  • On your page, open the “Add” panel and add the “Embed” widget where you want the effect to take place. In that area, put the custom code.

If that doesn’t work, maybe someone with more experience can provide assistance.

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Did you find a way to do it?

Weglot’s support helped me. Very good support by the way

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thanks I will text them !

Hi again, where did you placed the code? I mean how did you organized the code?