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Two-sided interaction between slider and logo grid (references)

Hi, I have a reference section on a website I’m creating for a client. One side is a CSS grid with 9 logos of my client’s clients (3x3). In the second column is a slider with photos of the actual projects done for the client’s clients.

What I want to do is - on hover the greyscale logo gets full color and a bit bigger (so far so good) and also it should show the respective photo in the slider (which is also a link to a more detailed page of the actual reference).

But I’d like it to be two-sided interaction, so when you click/swipe through the photos in the slider, the respective logo gets highlighted in the same way as described above.

Is this even possible to achieve in Webflow? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Here is my public share link:

I’m also searching for this question. but I don’t have knowledge of CSS.
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