External Pop-ups not showing in fixed position

Hi All,

We have recently migrated the marketing pages of our website to Webflow from a React/Gatsby solution and everything is generally excellent. However, the pop integrations are no longer showing up in the fixed position. They worked perfectly on the old site but will only show either on the bottom of the page or right at the top, depending on the position set in Active Campaign.

I am using Tag Manager to add them to the site but have also tried directly embedding them in an HTML code block and that does not work either. It’s really confusing me and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of precedents online for this sort of problem so I am hoping someone can help me here.

The code embed is a small JS snippet. Copied below for you

<script src="https://oasis-living.activehosted.com/f/embed.php?id=1" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

The link to the RO site is below. Let me know what you think the issue is. Any help is much appreciated.



UPDATE: I solved this issue - was something to do with overflow:hidden on one of the media queries…THe heat is getting to me haha.