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Two languages in CMS site?

Hi Webflowes!

I would love to add a second language for our website It is CMS based, contains 6 different collections (projects, events, labels etc.) + standard static pages (home, about, contact…)

Now it’s all in ENG, but 70% of our visitors are actually local (CZ).

Is there a “best practice” for adding a second language to such a complicated site?

Thanks a lot!


Here is my public share link:

Wondering if @vincent has any insight?

Multi language is a popular request for Webflow…at the moment you may have to approach it manually, but there may be others who can shed some light…

@Blaise_Posmyouck - Portfolio site has content in both EN and FR (see bottom left) - so he might offer some thoughts if his is CMS based.

Hope that helps…


No, I was monitoring your post to take advantage of the answers because I’m starting a multilangual site :smiley:

I browsed localize.js and Bablic but I quickly closed them down because of the price they cost. 49 and 12 euros/mo respectively, for one language, no matter the size of the site. That price to serve text? And they limit the pageviews at 100k and 25k respectively. So a 2 pages website with 1000 chars will pay the same as a 20 pages website with 20k chars. And again, that price to serve… text?! I must be missing something. Of course it’s not just serve text, there’s a tool, an UI etc. But those services can’t address middle businesses. That’s doubling or x4 their hosting price. Probably made for site who are generating money by themselves.

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Hey @vincent, hope you are doing ok, just wondering if you were able to solve this, what would be your suggestion regarding doing a double language site with 2 pages one with a CMS portfolio.