Two independent columns slider

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make an image gallery which lays out on two vertical columns that scrolls independently (so when you scroll on one column the other stays static)

here is an example:

is it possible to do it in webflow?


These are simply two div blocks, each one with 50% width. The one on the right has position static, the other has position fixed.

You can see my read only linke here:

Here you can find the live website

If still isn’t clear I can send you the project, just send me the email associated with your webflow’s account here or in a privata message.

Thanks @Luca! will give it a try!

Hey again @Luca, I gave it a quick try and it looked pretty good, but the right column won’t scroll at all. I am trying to achieve two scrollable columns (just like in the example I shared above)

here is my read only link:

am I doing something wrong? It was hard for me to tell in your example if the right div was scrolling or not…

Thanks for your help!

My bad, I never placed the cursor and the right side of the website you linked, so I didn’t notice that it could scroll too.

As far as I know, it isn’t possible to hide the overflow using a hover trigger in Webflow.

You could have something similar by having an interaction on hover. When the visitor hovers over the right side, you can make it move down while the left side stands still and the opposite when he hovers the right.

Thanks @Luca, will it work on mobile as well? and can you explain a little bit more on the mouse hover effects?