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How to create 2 columns independent scroll?

Hi everyone, just started getting my feet wet in Webflow so apologies if this seems basic. - reference website

- reference image
Read only link

This reference website has 2 columns that scroll while other elements remain static. So far I’ve managed to make the nav bar & centre the columns but I’m having difficulty making one column scroll without making the whole screen scroll.

Would also appreciate if someone can let me know how to separate the columns from each other

Hey @Farah_Abdelwahab , here is a quick way on having two independent scrolling columns. The trick here is to use a main page-wrapper set to overflow: hidden and set two divs to overflow: scroll and you are good to go.

I did a quick mockup for you so you can use this starter file.

HI @Farah_Abdelwahab have deleted my response to fixed element as you have delete it from your original post a few minutes ago. Please keep original request unchanged that responses make sense when someone else will read it.

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Hey @Stan , did you mean to tag @Farah_Abdelwahab ?

of course :wink: sorry @imtiazraqib I have change it already

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