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Two hamburger icons in nav bar. Possible?

Hi all, I’m having two issues with the nav bar when I scale down to smaller screen sizes and was hoping to get some help! Thank you all in advance :pray::upside_down_face:

  1. I currently have two nav menus in the nav bar and was wondering if there’s a way to have two hamburger icons (or one hamburger and one overflow icon) when scaled down to mobile size.

  2. The logo that is centered goes to the next line and out of the nav bar when scaled down. Is there any way to correct this?

Desktop view:

Tablet view:

Mobile view:
32 AM

Nav menu items go behind the nav bar (?):
40 AM

Read-only link to site:

For your second problem the solution is like this ;
Remove row inside in and use flex for navbar and rearrange item in the navbar as follows.



For the first problem, I’m also waiting for a solution. I have no idea. I tried duplicating giving seperate selectors to all but it doesnt help. both opens at the same time.

Thank you for your help on that! Yes, it’d be nice to find a solution for the hamburger button issue. They are opening at the same time for me too.

also dont forget to delete - margins on the items. I tried that it worked good on all (mobile etc.)

@cyberdave @PixelGeek @vincent

Sorry to call you guys out, but I was hoping you guys would have a better idea than anyone else :upside_down_face: :raised_hands: Any suggestions?

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