Two Forms after one is clicked the other doesnt work

Hello, I have created 2 pop-up modals for forms. After I created the animations for the first everything worked fine. I created the pop-up and close animations for the second and it wont work. Well, that is to say it works okay but if you click the first modal first and then the second one, it causes the second to no longer work. Any idea what is going on?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - kumu

Hey Daniel,

Opening works great on my browser. Closing gets funky, for three reasons-

  • Your popups are massive, taller than some screens. The close button is pushed off screen.
  • Your nav has a higher z-index than your popup, so the close button is beneath it
  • The close button itself has an issue, below;

It looks like you have a click interaction within a click interaction on your close button.
The outer one on the div doesn’t do anything, but might intercept the click so that the actual close interaction can’t fire.

On both dialogs, I’d fix the close buttons. Remove the inner interaction, and put the close trigger on the div, wired correctly to the close interaction.

Hey Michael,

Thanks for taking a look, I tried all the things your said and I still have the same issue. Both open and close okay but if you open the Business one first, then the Individual one doesnt submit or close anymore?

Check your close interactions, it looks like parts of it are showing the modals rather than hiding them.

Also Initial State does not refer to “state before the interaction runs” it refers to “state at page load”. As such an initial state on your open interactions ( i.e. initially hidden popups ) makes sense. I don’t put initial states on modal close interactions.

Many thanks Michael for your time. The interactions that were showing rather that hiding was the fix. Appreciate it.