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Two differents page loads

Good afternoon,
I would like to know how to make the first load of the home page to be seen only once.

I have already read one of the posts related to this question, but I have not managed to know how to have two different page loads for the same website and to be able to choose between the different page loads. I want the first page load to be seen only once and be different.

Thank you very much for your time.

Seen this nice hack by @Finsweet yet?

Thank you very much Alex,

But this code serves so that the page load or in the case of the example that he uses that is a cookie, is so that this page load is seen every 24 hours from the person’s entry on the web, I do not I want this, I will give you an example of a website,

As you can see at the entrance of the web, it has a page load and then access the web, when different sections of the page are loaded, the page load is a different one, the first page load is not seen again within web browsing. This is what I intend.

Thank you very much.