How to show pré-loader only on first visit?


How can I make this happen ?

= Show the preloader only at the first visit (because after the first visit the page speed is not a problem).


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Poptribe


Loader like this (For all pages):

Show animation only one time

Use Webflow Interactions and cookies to play your loading animation only once per day:

cloning project (hack #10):

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Thanks for your message.

I saw this tutorial and I don’t understand the custom code part, how to get the cookies etc…

I have an other question : is it possible to display a different message when the user refresh the page ? Something randomly and not based on the first visit or something like this is ok for me

No way to know if this is first visit -or- not without custom code and cookies.
Its not so complicated (The dirty/hard code handle by GitHub - js-cookie/js-cookie: A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling browser cookies).

CMS Random message (= diff text)

Randomly without code - use webflow cms (Create “message-list” item1 “hello”, item2 = “wow” and so on…

Put text-element(heading,text) inside this list - get text from name - and sort collection by random.

By code

Another solution is by javasctipt (You should know a little JS).

Thank you for your help !