Two column text not aligning at the top

I am putting 2 column collection text into a div and it won’t line up at the top. The div that holds it has no pading and there’s nothing special about the text class. Anyone know what’s happening here?

Hi @Hywel, would love to help, but you need to read this first.

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I thought you might say that, sorry, just being lazy!

Now you forgot to mention which page.

Aaagh, so sorry, ‘Landing page collections template’

You have a paragraph inside it (in the CMS item). You should use a rich text field instead so you can style the paragraph in that 2col element. Otherwise the paragraph has a margin bottom.

I think I know what you mean, the para is because it seems to be the only way of bulleting the items. Is it possible to have bullet items that line up at the top?

PS I have just deleted the bullet text as a para (ie not clicked the bullet button) and pasted in text from Word with a bullet and the bullets aren’t showing correctly…

Thanks for your help, Samuel, but I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to top align bulleted text in a collection when the class has multiple columns.

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